Monday, February 03, 2014

Shock & Awe

Everything is a surprise these days. Unless one expects the unexpected. We can still be shocked and be prepared. We don't know where the next shock is coming from, but by playing defense one can avoid losing money and even make some money.  Playing small, fast, and reactively is the way to go. Until the international squall is over and the new monetary policy is fully digested, you have to tread lightly.

The Groundhog calls for another six weeks of winter

Peyton gets destroyed Who woulda thunk it?  Beaten yes, annihilated wow.

Philip Seymour Hoffman RIP Always a shock to see these kind of sad things

Market Gaps down, rallies & sells off all on the same day.  The only bottom fishers who make money are the fast day traders. After a 200 point gap down on some bad, but not relatively terrible news, traders and bottom fishers bought the extreme dip. As is typical, the market had to sell off in the last hour. After all, the market rallied too early, day traders took profits at the end of the day and ahead of the weekend unknowns, program traders exacerbated the move.

Strong Stocks Are Scarce. The only stocks that are working are the ones with extraordinary earnings or guidance that squeeze the shorts and surprise everyone.

CMG You have to do something great to get the mo mo

FB Speaking of greatness....

GOOG Our leader

Set Ups Are Rare. Strong relative strength stocks that hold up near highs close to break outs are the exception 

ADEP Nice volatility squeeze

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