Thursday, June 12, 2014

Obama's Iraqi Blunder Causes Oil Stocks To Rally

Concho and other USA shale plays are now benefiting from higher oil prices:




Iraq is now falling to Al Qaeda because Obama was too inept to sign a status of forces agreement with Iraq. How the hell do you not keep the region stable with virtually no risk to American lives by not doing what we did in Japan and Germany and countless other countries after WWII? We had big time leverage over Malaki, who now turns out to be a bad guy. If your going to start a job, finish it. We could have gotten out with a small peacekeeping force and a strategic base of operations.
Now the chickens are coming home to roost. APC and CXO are running along with other oil plays like PXD, EOG, etc.  I fear that this Iraqi chaos will escalate further and oil prices will keep going up for awhile - $106 this morning.  Amazingly I am long these and FB overnight, even with the averages down yesterday.

From Todd Harrison Oil Prices:

It was impossible to short the market gap down open. Then the market got bifurcated in the opposite direction from the year's start as the NASDAQ 100 rallied and the DJIA stayed down. The $SPX was middle ground.
Almost 2 years ago Obama lied to the nation in order to get reelected. He said Al Qaeda was dead. He lied in the debate with Romney. Candy Crowley assisted him in his Benghazi lie. Obama "won" the debate because of his ruse that some unheard of movie caused the attack and that Al Qaeda was dead. The country ate up that BS and now the Al Qaeda cockroaches are all over the place. What screw up! And what a gullible nation.
APC is also running on takeover rumors:
We are stuck with a president that has no world strategic vision. I understand the need to not get involved in more wars at the cost of American lives and national treasure. But we do not have to lurch completely in the opposite direction. Surely, there is a way to keep our military presence around the world without getting involved on the ground.
I am saddened by the list if incompetence's that this President has assembled. It does not stop and we have no Parliamentary system to throw the bum out. Prepare for more because this President has almost as many days left as JFK was in the White House.


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