Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Follow Up On Today's Trading

Another strange day. Selected special situation stocks run. The NASDAQ 100 has no correlation with the Dow Jones Industrials.

I sold the POT I bought this morning at $33.90. It had a failed breakout and after running up huge on another bullish tout on CNBC. Then failed to hold $33.87 resistance level. If it closes above today's high I may buy back.

I am holding BIIB and YELP. Cramer bulled YELP big time. I use Cramer as a tool. I look at the story and the chart and then may possibly buy if timing and story fit my criteria. Like anything else, if just one idea of his fits my due diligence, it is worth it.

I'm glad I sold MU into the gap up. Lets see if it can hold the breakout or at least close strong. I want to buy it back, but not yet. Patience.

SLG.TO (SGURF US ADR) Has a great fundamental story. Low priced stock has great upside. The US stock is thin, but trades as a proxy for the Toronto stock which trades in volume..

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