Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Going With The Flow As I Scratch My Head

Who am I to fight the tape? I can make every intellectual argument in the world, but the tape is always right. With that in mind, I let my price alerts and special situations take me into long positions. Those positions are either day trades or short term swing trades. I'm still playing small and fast.

ASTC  I noted ASTC earlier and tweeted about it. Beautiful breakout.

CANN  This one is very dangerous and is strictly for day traders. The stock is thin and the company makes literally no money. But it is running on pot legalization mania. Cannabis Emptor! Strictly day trade small positions and off the day tic chart if the opportunity arises.

GTI  broke out and failed three days ago. But I stuck with it resetting my price alert.

KNDI is the new China auto rental vending machine company that has taken the momentum players by storm. It has to start to make some money, but their first huge auto vending machine is operational.

NQ shook me for a loss after it popped the cup handle on good news, only to fall back down. Ouch! Nevertheless, I have my price alert above today's high and may buy it back.


RDN keeps on inching up after breaking out

RESI I've followed this AAMC spin off for days and tweeted about it when it started to pop.

URI Nice little continuation pop.

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